必威靠谱吗是一个充满活力的团队,致力于提供创新的解决方案 for a wide range of architectural interior design and space planning challenges. 拥有超过50年专注于商业和住宅环境的综合经验, we have made it a goal to build and restore spaces in collaboration with the client that stimulates the user and compliments the vision.


What sets 必威靠谱吗 apart from its competition is its affiliation with 亚特兰大设计集团’s (ADG) brands and services. ADG is a full-service interior-design and design-build support company made up of multiple specialized brands offering numerous products and services supporting the interior design and design/build trades.  When you work with our 必威靠谱吗 Team your project will receive the support from the 亚特兰大设计集团 specialist and 设计师s that specializes in:

商业室内户外生活厨房 & 浴

固定资产 & 必威靠谱吗           安装 & 物流           装修

照明设计 & 控制艺术咨询 & 框架           必威靠谱 & 品牌


必威靠谱吗的独特定位是为客户提供从开始到结束的交钥匙开发过程. From Conceptual and Schematic Design to Design Development to Construction Documents to Specifications and Material Selections to 品牌 and 必威靠谱 to FF&从必威靠谱吗到安装,建立网络和社会营销支持平台, 我们为客户提供全方位的物业Services. ADG为开发商和投资者提供真正的“交钥匙”设计/建造过程. ADG’s “Power of One” saves our Clients money by eliminating multiple trades and truly positions ADG to make sure that the overall process precisely aligns with the ROI goals of Client.

ADG提供卓越的品质, 设计创新产品和解决方案, 更重要的是, 提供高度个性化的解决方案,确保我们的客户取得成功.



必威靠谱吗行业的性质正在发生变化, 亚特兰大设计集团是改变开发Specialties人士经营业务方式的领导者. 设计过程是我们的Specialties知识,我们的商业模式使我们的客户能够最大限度地提高生产力, 降低成本,专注于他们最擅长的事情.


多家庭设计始于对社区生活的深刻理解. 我们是与开发团队一起完成施工习惯阶段的专家, 然后在预算内按时交付内部项目范围. 我们的目标是在室内和建筑之间创造协同作用,激发灵感和兴奋. 我们的团队希望平衡艺术性, 风格和功能的可视化空间将如何使用,从饰面到家具. 我们的多家庭团队与房地产开发商合作, 业主和投资者对新建和翻新的房产和样板房.


无论是为一个标志性的空间注入新的生命,还是创造一个新的品牌形象, 必威靠谱吗 designs solutions for 酒店 bringing long-term value to our clients while welcoming guests with unique and exceptional experiences. 我们将创造性的空间规划理念与尖端的设计相结合,创造持久的印象.


Multifamily properties are including mixed-use aspects such as retail and commercial space to serve residents looking for a live-work-play lifestyle. 有一个混合用途的物业, 你不仅仅是在买房子, 商店或商业空间, 你正在购买一个完整的社区氛围和社区体验. Mixed-use design means serving multiple needs for your residents and ADG’s design team understands this complexity and provides every aspect of the design phase to create spaces that work for all diversified users of mixed-use projects.


商业设计始于规划过程, as the ADG Design team works with an architect to establish elements that will determine the appearance of the finished space. 然后,我们的设计师在完成的空间中添加家具和装饰,以满足最初的设计目标. 必威靠谱吗传达各种业务的需求和愿景, 并且具有将大型空间概念化的天生能力,从客户到客人再到顾客都会喜欢.


活跃的成年人渴望一种支持健康生活方式的氛围,以及提供舒适的生活空间, 奢侈品, 还有一个好客的环境. Our experienced design team engages unique residential design to accommodate active adults’ lifestyles while featuring the latest trends and amenities using specific comprehensive demographics.


学生宿舍的设计标准每年都在变得越来越复杂和苛刻. 如今的学生不仅想要住得舒适, 但这也提供了更多的便利. We understand that every student has a different background and requires different levels of support when they leave home. Therefore our residence halls are community-centered and include every amenity a student could possibly need or want in the space.


ADG为多户住宅和商业物业提供全方位的装修Services, 与我们客户的投资回报率目标完全一致. 翻新不仅能提高房产的吸引力和市场价值,还能增加长期价值. Interior and exterior renovations help make any property more functional and energy-efficient and enable owners to customize their assets according to the latest market demands.


When you work with our 必威靠谱吗 Team your project will receive the support from the 亚特兰大设计集团 specialist and 设计师s to support the overall development of each project at no additional costs.

必威靠谱 & 品牌战略

我们的营销团队会在品牌推广和必威靠谱方面让你占上风. 我们的Specialties和量身定制的Services包括品牌, web开发, 电子邮件/社交媒体营销, 印刷设计, 演讲, 和效果图.

What sets us apart from other marketing agencies is that we specialize in targeting the design/build industry specializing in multifamily, 酒店及商业客户. 在我们作为合作伙伴支持公司的丰富经验, we have spent years living and learning this market while perfecting our approach for targeting and identifying the customers you want to reach. Our team is at the forefront of new technology and is constantly adapting to integrate cutting-edge products and platforms that allow us to leverage your business.

与我们合作, 您将获得量身定制的品牌和商业营销Services,以反映和代表您的创意, 有效和动态.


当涉及到社区时,景观设计在几秒钟内就能给人留下第一印象. 它欢迎. 它邀请. 它说,“你好,这是一个你应该称之为家的地方.” 必威靠谱吗 produces innovative designs that interweave functional and aesthetic issues of the project with the economic, 建筑和物理场地条件创造独特的环境. Our goal is to blend the exterior landscape with interiors welcoming residents with a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor.


照明 & 控制

灯光设计既有内在的功能性,也有内在的审美性. ADG’s 照明设计ers understand the role of lighting in architecture and interior design and rely on their extensive knowledge of lighting equipment and systems to ensure high-quality design in the built environment. Our LED lighting solutions specify cost-effective and energy-efficient LED products while creating an innovative lighting scheme that achieves the perfect balance of function and aesthetics. 我们全面的LED产品组合涵盖了您所有的住宅照明需求, 多户型, 办公室和酒店,包括室内和室外项目.

艺术咨询 & 标志

艺术作品是创立亚特兰大设计集团(ADG)的原创产品。, 起源于40多年前. ADG于1976年开始以国际艺术品牌生产艺术品. ADG艺术咨询提供高品质的艺术和定制框架,以提升空间, 协调设计, 颜色和家具. 无论你是客户, 设计师, 或架构师, ADG体验将给您留下您喜欢的艺术和外观,完成您的业务或工作空间. 作为一个艺术咨询和资源Services,我们管理无缝交付和安装

厨房 & 浴室的设计

我们的认证厨房 & 卫浴设计师为您提供当前的必威靠谱吗趋势和材料的选择和必威靠谱吗台面, 地板, 瓷砖, 橱柜, 管道, 淋浴门和壁橱系统.


FF&E涉及必威靠谱吗家具, 装置和设备,同时获得最佳价值和保留设计意图. 这是项目品牌化的重要组成部分,包括与制造商和货运公司谈判, 确认材料,协调计划和时间表,以满足安装的最后期限. ADG从长远的角度看待项目,预测问题,确保您的项目按时完成. 作为一个从头到尾的FF&作为一家律师事务所,我们可以帮助您降低成本,避免延误,减少管理上的麻烦.

安装 & 物流

在TriMarc安装,我们理解安装过程的重要性. 对于必威靠谱吗师来说,这是设计过程中最后也是最重要的阶段. 这是所有努力工作和计划结合在一起的时候. Our professional installers understand this importance and work with Designers to make this process as smooth as possible.

Successful installations depend solely on how product is processed from the time of receipt until product is loaded on the trucks. Our Receiving personnel routinely inspects and labels each of the products received with the model name and room designation so the on-site installation crews can set-up each room per the finished floor plans without constant direction from the Designer. TriMarc将产品装载到我们的卡车上,这样我们的现场安装人员就可以按顺序卸下产品. TriMarc Project Managers keep you updated through our on-line receiving reports as product is received in our warehouse. 我们协调所有损坏,以确保所有产品符合安装期限. We keep you updated using excel spreadsheets which identify all products by model and room which can be viewed 24/7 using our live online portal, ADG门户.